Meagan Poetschlag and Dragons

    Not until she started to feel like she had read every single fantasy book about dragons, did she get a spark in her mind to start her own story. Thus began the slow and rocky start of  Angoleth's Heir.

  The novel began as a ten page short story that she wrote for a school project. She had titled it "The Princess of Zanzibar".  After getting an A the story was set aside for a year, and almost forgotten until one day she found it in her old school folder and started to re-read it. 

   When reading it she suddenly got the notion to expand the story and add more detail. Soon she was lost in her creation, not realizing it suddenly had expanded and grew into a true chapter book novel.

    Meagan has loved dragons all her life. She grew up always reading amazing stories and adventures involving them. Even throughout history there are tales of them appearing all over the world. They are fascinating, majestic, regal, fierce, beautiful, and ultimately awe inspiring creatures.

      Now her story is taking off like she never dreamed and she plans to tell stories of the  Angoleth Dragons for a long time to come, as long as readers are interested in the tales.

   Dragons had taken her imagination away from such a young age and Meagan only hopes that those who read her stories are just as amazed and intrigued by these amazing creatures as she always has been.

   "What's not to love about dragons?"


 Note: Some of the Images on this page were taken from Google images and belong to the original artist who created them.


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