Book 1: Angoleth's Heir

Human or Dragon?

Soraya may have been adopted as a baby, but even with the strange abilities she had, she fit in well enough for a girl of 18 years old in New York. It wasn't until she was stolen away from her loving home and taken to a parallel world called Angoleth that she began to understand her true calling, and her true nature.

With the help of Ruinar, a user of Dark magic and also her adviser, she will have to first learn how to harness her power of shape shifting and then discover how to save her birth parents from the evil dragon king, Gaelon.

She could never have imagined being in a place surrounded by dragons and other mythical creatures, not to mention finding out she was also one of them. Her human emotions were starting to get the best of her in this strange world. Will she be able to unlock the power of the dragon that burns in her veins?

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Angoleth's Sacrifice

Dragons of Angoleth Book 2

The evil dragon Gaelon is still alive and wanting revenge. Soraya, Ruinar and the rest of their friends must face the truth about dark magic if they hope to defeat it.

The adventure continues...

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