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Check out the new book about werewolves, hunters, disease, death, bullets, love, and family...

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 Wolf's Blood Plague of Snowbrook
Please note: It is unrelated to the Angoleth series


Her Primordial Destiny

As long as she could remember, Soraya didn't fit in. Her life was peaceful and normal for any teenage girl of 18 years yet she felt out of place in her own world. She had strange urges and abilities she couldn't explain and they made her stand out when she couldn't control them. One day it all changed when a stranger named Ruinar yanked her away from her home and took her to a parallel world. Frightened and alone, she began to learn the truth about herself and face her true destiny.

Was this really her home?

 Book 1: Angoleth's Heir

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Book 2 of The Dragons of Angoleth Series

Angoleth is in Danger

  Soraya had done the impossible and everything seemed to be setting itself right. Her parents were free and back on the throne once more. The clans across the land were rejoiced at seeing the dawn of a new era emerging. But the victory was short lived, for somehow the evil tyrant, Gaelon, had survived and now he was out for revenge in full force. No one, in any realm, was safe.

As Soraya's family struggles to find a way to kill Gaelon for good, the young princess also begins to discover new and amazing secrets about Angoleth's residents. Help comes from mysterious places across the land. New friends and possible new threats are found along the way.

  Ruinar is recovered but now realizes he must put himself even farther into dark magic if they hope to save the world, and he may not be able to return if he goes too far.

Can Soraya remove the evil plaguing the land once and for all and save the ones she loves, or is it already far to late?

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